LOGO! – small but wow

LOGO! – small but wow

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Even more versatile: The compact controller with a Cloud interface
LOGO! is compact, clever, and flexible, and now also comes with a direct line to the Cloud. It couldn’t be simpler. Enjoy an even wider range of potential applications and uses, with the same versatility and ease of programming.

LOGO! V8.3

LOGO! with Cloud connection offers additional added value
LOGO! is easy and flexible to use. A Cloud connection turns unimagined new possibilities into reality.

The range of possible applications for LOGO! are more versatile than ever: With its new Cloud functionality it gives you access to the Internet of Things (IoT) and enables new business models like predictive maintenance and power data monitoring. This new communications interface offers you additional possibilities you could never have imagined.

Easy and future-proof
A wizard guides you through the process of connecting LOGO! to the Cloud and creating dashboards using the LOGO! Web Editor (LWE) to control and analyze data. Getting started is a piece of cake thanks to intuitive engineering software, starter kits, and free web-based training sessions. The downward compatibility ensures that even older LOGO!s can be programmed with the latest software.

With the new version of LOGO! you can expand existing applications to include Cloud functionality and move your web server to the Cloud, for example. You can network up to eight base modules with each other, or with SIMATIC controllers and HMI. LOGO! can be expanded further using,  expansion module and, communications modules, etc.

Which LOGO! user are you?
Whether in industry, building automation or as a hobbyist – LOGO! is the perfect choice for fast, uncomplicated and space-saving solutions around control and feedback systems. Discover the possibilities of LOGO!

With LOGO! you can automate small, stand-alone production machines and simple handling machines for the industry easily and uncomplicated. Implement applications with conveyor belts, pumps and gate controls quickly and efficiently with the logic module.

Home automation
Thanks to the diverse automation features LOGO! increases living and security in buildings

You are a passionate hobbyist? Then LOGO! Provides you simple and intelligent solutions for the automation of your project.