Drive Technology

Perfectly coordinated drive components

The comprehensive portfolio of converters, motors and gear units for almost all industries and applications meets the highest performance standards and quality requirements.
Interfaces and modules make the drives fit for digitalization. Coordinated components can be used both as a standard system and tailored to individual requirements.

Motion Control

Motion Control Motors : SIMOTICS S Servomotors, SIMOTICS M main motors, SIMOTICS L linear motors, SIMOTICS T torques motors


Low-voltage Converters: SINAMICS V20, G110, G120C G120, G130, G150
Servo Drive: SINAMICS S200, V90 Basic, S110, S120, S220

Digitalization in drive technology

Start in a productive future with digital drive data
Operations will be correctly dimensioned, ensuring optimal performance.
Efficiency becomes the norm, and unplanned downtimes can be avoided.

Low-Voltage Motors

IEC motors : SIMOTICS GP General Purpose Motors, SIMOTICS GP VSD Motors for converter operation, SIMOTICS SD Severe Duty Motors, SIMOTICS XP explosion-protected motors

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