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SINAMICS: for every destination the optimum drive
Whether it’s a matter of efficient pumping, ventilating and compressing, or precise movement, processing, or machining, the number of application areas for frequency converters is almost endless. So it’s good that there is one family of drives for all of these areas that fulfills every requirement perfectly: SINAMICS. Our portfolio represents uniform engineering, extremely high efficiency and convenient operation.
The right drive all the time
Siemens’ innovative design provides the right converter for every drive application. Our products range from basic drives, dynamic servo drives for Motion Control to medium voltage drives — plus tailored solutions. SINAMICS, the worlds largest drives family, is the backbone of out offer, besides our portfolio of LOHER DYNAVERT frequency converters.
MindApp „Analyze MyDrives“
With the “Analyze MyDrives” MindApp you can bring your maintenance activities in line with actual needs. Active notification of critical machine states and maintenance actually needed support optimized use of resources and predictive maintenance.
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