Fail-safe SIMATIC CPUs

Fail-safe SIMATIC CPUs

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The fail-safe SIMATIC controllers are used to guarantee the functional safety of machines or plants. They satisfy maximum safety requirements and comply with the relevant standards:
EN 954-1 up to Cat. 4, IEC 62061 up to SIL 3 and EN ISO 13849-1 up to PL e.
The simultaneous processing of the standard and the safety program means that only one CPU is required to handle both tasks.

Area of application

  • Automobile industry
  • General mechanical engineering
  • Building of special machines
  • Series mechanical engineering, OEM
  • Plastics processing
  • Packaging industry
  • Food- and Beverageindustry


Reduction of stock-keeping by saving components

  •  One controller for standard and safety automation
    – Coexistence of standard and safety programs on one controller possible
  • One PROFIBUS or PROFINET transmitting medium for standard and safety communication to SIL 3/Category 4
    – One distributed I/O configuration with standard and safety I/O modules

Fast system configuration and commissioning

  • Better system integration
    – Uniform engineering for standard and safety control component
    – Use of existing PROFIBUS or PROFINET transmitting medium even for safety
    – Simple expansion of existing PROFIBUS archtictures about PROFINET, p.ex. via IE/PB-Link

More flexibility

  • The logic of the safety functions is software-based rather than hard-wired- More easily modified, expanded and documented
    – Implementation of complex safety functions

Faster reproducibility

  • In contrast to the hardware solution, the software solution can be easily reproduced
  • Approved, certified solutions can often be used as self-contained blocks

Better retent of plant availability

  • Early fault detection thanks to better diagnostic functions

Investment security

  • Easy migration from PROFIBUS to PROFINET

Area of application

Because of their power and compactness, the safety SIMATIC S7-300F CPUs are ideal for meeting the demands of the mid to upper performance range. Both standard and safety-relevant tasks can be performed with only one CPU.

The SIMATIC S7-300F CPUs can be expanded centrally with the safety modules for the ET 200M I/O. Distributed expansion is possible using the safety ET 200S I/O modules, the ET 200M I/O modules, the ET 200pro (IP67) I/O modules or the safety digital block peripheral device ET 200eco (IP67).

Communication works depending on the CPU optional via MPI, PROFIBUS or PROFINET Interface.