Medium-voltage power distribution

Energy LV & MV Distribution

Getting the most out of electrical energy

A comprehensive portfolio for medium-voltage power distribution enables a more economical and responsible use of electrical power through the utilization of smart grids. An integrated approach to medium-voltage power distribution is the basis for green cities; energy-efficient infrastructure, buildings and industrial applications, and high supply reliability.

Medium Voltage Products with sustainable vacuum technology

Our comprehensive portfolio of vacuum switching technology for installation in air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear ensures a sustainable and reliable power distribution. Our proven and maintenance-free technology is based on vacuum interrupters and comply with all international standards.

For high availability and efficient power supply!

Our circuit-breakers and contactors can be used in almost all MV power distribution applications and can be adapted for customer specific requirements:

  • for rated voltage between 7.2 and 40.5 kV
  • for rated continuous current from 400 to 12500 A
  • for short-circuit current up to 110 kA

Vacuum circuit breakers

Vacuum circuit breakers for special applications

Vacuum contactors

Vacuum interrupters

About medium-voltage systems

The primary task of medium-voltage switchgear is economical and reliable power distribution. We take this responsibility seriously and offer products and solutions for medium-voltage systems to our customers around the world. Our optimally coordinated systems meet the growing technical requirements and ensure reliable power distribution – in air-insulated or gas-insulated switchgear, and for applications outdoors or on the ocean floor.

Air-insulated switchgear for primary distribution systems

Air-insulated switchgear for secondary distribution systems

Gas-insulated switchgear for primary distribution systems

Gas-insulated switchgear for secondary distribution systems

Generator Switchgear

Medium-voltage outdoor systems

Digital Services for Energy Distribution Systems

Gas-insulated medium voltage switchgear with Clean Air–blue GIS

PSS® power system simulation and modeling software

Did you know over 70% of the world electricity consumption flows through infrastructure planned or analyzed by the PSS® Portfolio? The PSS® Portfolio, part of Gridscale X™, enables grid planners and operators around the world to accurately model, simulate, analyze, and optimize the most robust power grids!

Get to know the PSS® portfolio

Leverage a full set of modular applications for simulating, analyzing, and modeling transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems as well as pipe networks. Easily simplify your data management and exchange processes by using automation and standardization (such as CIM, and standard interfaces such as GIS). The tools easily integrate into any existing IT environment, accelerate your productivity through its API capabilities, and even supports to streamline analysis and reporting for regulatory requirements (such as NERC PRC, NERC TPL and ENSTO-E CGMES).

Gridscale X™ Network Model Manager
Comprehensive, consistent network model data management and repository – fast, scalable, and fully interoperable.

PSS®E – high-performance transmission planning and analysis software
PSS®E allows operators to perform analyses of power flow, dynamics, short circuits, contingency, voltage stability, transient stability, and much more.

PSS®SINCAL – analysis and planning of electric and pipe networks
A simulator for planning, modeling, and analyzing all electrical power or pipe network types: PSS®SINCAL provides a full unbalanced power system model for high, medium and low-voltage grids.

PSS®CAPE – highly-detailed protection simulation and analysis
PSS®CAPE supports transmission and distribution protection engineers with their entire workflow from detailed protection data collection, electronic setting management, setting calculations and validation.

PSS®ODMS – CIM-based transmission network modeling and analysis
Bridge the gap between multiple utility domains, including operations and planning. With real and virtual worlds tightly aligned, PSS®ODMS provides utilities with a single source of truth for managing and exchanging network model data across their entire IT landscape.

PSS®MOD – project modeling and data management for PSS®E
Your solution for power transmission planning model management: PSS®MOD coordinates submission of network model data and provides access to complete study cases on demand for any point in time.

PSS®E Cloud
PSS®E Cloud combines your industry trusted transmission planning tool with the power of the cloud. Unlock scalable computation power, secure collaboration, flexible remote working, and more!

SIGUARD®DSA – transmission system stability and dynamic security assessment
With SIGUARD®DSA, all key functions needed to provide a true stability cockpit are at your service, including may different stability analysis functions and full integration with the SCADA system.

CTDim – Current and voltage transformer dimensioning
With CTDim, efficiently perform instrument transformer dimensioning while considering both protection and measuring cores. It allows you to decrease engineering and production costs by optimizing the CT and VT data.

Providing benefits around the world
Greater efficiency, improved reliability, better transparency – customers in over 140 countries benefit from our power system simulation, analysis, and modeling software solutions.