SIMATIC S7-200 offers you a total of 5 performance-graded CPUs with extensive basic functionality and integral Freeport communication interface.

  • CPU 221
  • CPU 222
  • CPU 224
  • CPU 224XP
  • CPU 224XPsi
  • CPU 226


Simatic S7-200 CPUs Features:

  • Compact Design
  • Practical functionality
  • Modular expansion options
  • Built-in RS 485 serial networking ports(s)
  • Excellent real-time behavior
  • Extremelly fast and precise process and sequence control
  • Seamless control of time-critical processes by means of timed interrupts
  • Simple and user-friendly wiring with removable terminal strips on the CPU and expansion modules-permanent wiring

Simatics S7-200 CPUs Models

CPU 221

Compact CPU for simple automation tasks -
The best compact device if you want to change to an effective solution that performs simple automation tasks very economically. Also available with an extended temperature range.

I/O : 6 inputs, 4 outputs

CPU 222

Expandable compact CPU for more complex tasks -
The capable, compact package for more complex machines and small system solutions.
I/O : 8 inputs, 6 outputs

CPU 224

CPU for higher communication and computing requirements -
The high-performance CPU for complex tasks that require speed and special communication capabilities.

I/O : 14 inputs, 10 outputs
+ max. 7 modules = 224 E/A


CPU for simple drive tasks -
The CPU 224 version for convenient implementation of simple drive tasks – with two interfaces, two analog inputs and one analog output, as well as two 100-kHz pulse outputs and two high-speed 200-kHz counters.

I/O : 14 inputs, 10 outputs
Analog I/O : 2 inputs, 1 output

CPU 224XPsi

I/O : 14 inputs, 10 output
(current pulling/M-switching digital outputs) 2/1 analoge in/outputs
+ max. 7 modules = 224 I/O

CPU 226

High-performance CPU for larger technical tasks  -
The versatile high-performance CPU for complex automation tasks with expanded inputs and outputs as well as two RS485 interfaces.

I/O : 24 Inputs, 16 output
+ max. 7 modules = 256 E/A

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