SIMOCODE pro: Motor Management and Control Devices

SIMOCODE pro: Motor Management and Control Devices

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SIMOCODE pro manages constant-speed, low-voltage motors and provides comprehensive pro-tective, monitoring and control functions. Enjoy the benefits of detailed operating, servicing, and diagnostics data – also for fail-safe disconnection of motors. Communication via PROFIBUS, PROFINET / PROFIsafe, Modbus RTU, and Ethernet IP and OPC UA – which also lets you take advantage of the cloud!

he highlights of SIMOCODE pro

Extensive protection, monitoring and control functions,
independent of the automation system

Scalable, flexible solutions for all system configurations

Detailed operational, service and diagnostic data – at any
time or place

Versatile, open communication through a wide range of
bus systems and protocols

Safe shutdown of motors

Integration into process control systems, such as SIMATIC

SIMOCODE pro System

The SIMOCODE pro motor management series comprises functionally-graded devices:

The smart, compact SIMOCODE pro S motor management system facilitates entry level motor management. Our flexible, cost-optimized solution comprising a basic unit and an optional expansion module ranks below SIMOCODE pro V but still provides connection to PROFIBUS.

The intelligent, variable SIMOCODE pro V system offers even more functional scope. With the basic unit and a maximum of five expansion modules you profit from even more highlights such as voltage and active power measuring, fail-safe disconnection and a host of communication interfaces such as PROFINET / OPC UA / Modbus or EtherNet/IP.

The SIMOCODE pro system – Basic system and optional expansion modules:


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